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I Have Fallen: A Near Death Climbing Accident in the Canadian Rockies

By Josh
“If you ride like lightning, you’re gonna crash like thunder” - The Place Beyond the Pines After waking up from a nightmare I slowly came into a reality that was far worse than what I had just experienced. “Did I get hit by a rock?” I asked several times and kept forgetting each time I asked. For the life of me I had no idea what country I was in or what I was doing. Incredible dizziness and much disorientation made it difficult to stand up. I was covered in blood and knew I was in a serious survival situation. I tried not to panic and did everything I could to make it out. “I don't know if I'm going to make it” I screamed in my mind as I felt like fainting while feeling very fatigued. Never have I had a descent as scary as this one. Due to extensive injuries this trip report has been...

Winter Ambition: Whitehorse in a Day

By Josh
After my Burgundy Spire Accident I had to give up mountaineering for a while. When I finally recovered enough to hike, a small run would be enough to re-injure my knee once more forcing me to be very careful with getting back in shape. With rare winter conditions it was painful to watch as many sunny days went by. I knew that if I wanted a shot at a spectacular climb I would have to wait until the perfect opportunity. Michael and I contacted some buddies of mine, before long we had a solid team of climbers for Whitehorse Mountain. I have been wanting to climb this mountain for many years. Gimpilator has had too many canceled trips up this peak. We were all very eager to climb this mountain. With 7,000 feet of elevation gain during January and being out of shape, this would be a big...

Rainier in a Day: A Challenging Escapade

By Josh
"Do not wish for easier lives, wish to be stronger men" -John F. Kennedy "I am not an adventurer by choice but by fate." -Vincent van Gogh This was quite the undertaking. The previous year I climbed Mount Rainier in two days which was a little bit tiring, but not a big deal. This time it was both physically and mentally challenging due to the high altitude. We would be heading up from Sea level to 14,411 feet in about 14 hours which I had never done anything like this. Though out the summer I had been climbing so many mountains that you get to a point where nothing is hard anymore, you find yourself wanting a new challenge, something completely new. On this trip I got more than what I bargained for. My buddy Eastking introduced me to his friend Jordan who...

Little Bear Peak SW Ridge in Winter

By Matt Lemke
Little Peak Peak in Winter Peak: Little Bear Peak - 14,037’, South Little Bear Peak – 14,020’  TH/Route: SW Ridge from Tobin Creek  Distance: 8mi  Elev Gain: 5800'  Time: 13:30 (4:45am - 6:15pm)  Technical Gear: Microspikes  Travelers: Jed, Matt Lemke, Josh, Sarah  So this was it! This would be my 2012 finale and what a way to end a dynamic year in the mountains for me than climbing Little Bear Peak in calendar winter. I had made the 1,400 mile drive from Seattle to do this climb. The day after I arrived in Denver I met with Josh around noon and we drove down to Fort Garland and got there just before the sun set. I had been in contact with...

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Koppen Mountain

Koppen Mountain located in the Teanaway Region in the Eastern Cascades is one of many wonderful viewpoints of this region. As with all Teanaway Region mountains, Koppen Mountain has the advantage of having a great rainshadow, and often has better weather that it western counterparts.The views on this peak are classicsThe 360 degree panoramic summit is home to spendid views of Mount Stuart, Mount Rainier, Hawkins Mountain, and many of the other mountains in the region. Often when the weather is sour in the western Cascades the weather is clearer and prettier on this side of the mountain.From the most direct route, the De Roux Creek trailhead right next to the horse stable and campground this mountain is roughly a 7.5 mile, 2300 feet elevation hike and is mostly a walkup. A fit hiker can usually...

Mount Hood

Mount Hood, otherwise known as Wy'East is the largest peak in Oregon. This active glaciated volcano located 50 miles east of Oregon is one of the most climb glaciated volcanoes in the world. The last eruption of Mount Hood was a minor eruption back in 1877. The volcano though still shows it's active by its many fumoroles on the south side of the volcano. Often these fumoroles, or sulfer steam produce steam that has a strong odor similiar to a rotten egg smell. The smell is not very dangerous unless you were to fall in a hot steamy fumorole in which the heat and the sulfer fumes would overpower your body and would eventually take your life. These fumoroles are best viewed from the Hogsback, which is near Crater Rock, which is the center of the volcanic activity. It should be noted that...

Crystal Mountain (Silver King)

Crystal Mountain is one of the best known ski resorts in Washington State. Nestled just to the east of Mount Rainier, Crystal Mountain is well known for it reliable skiing and snowboarding. It is also a great early season or late season snoclimb when the resort is closed and a good summer hiking destination. The highest peak on the Crystal Mountain Ridge is Silver King. With an elevation just below 7000 feet, it is a great place to start off a great winter. Views from Silver King when clear include Mount Rainier and Mount Adams, Norse Peak, Silver Queen and many of the other summits in the area. Silver King can either approached by the south (summer and fall) from Chinook Pass via the Pacific Crest Trail. Take the Pacific Crest Trail north until once near the ridge. From there head...

South Sister

Located 30 miles west of Bend, Oregons third highest summit is another very popular destination for experenced. With the main bootpath usually free of snow by August, receives a lot of traffic in the summer months. The summit is a special masterpiece. It is presently a dormant volcano which erupted last at 1200 AD. That being said there have been a number of tremers around the volcanos which scientist have been monitoring for activity. Like many of the other volcanoes in the are South Sister is a stratovolcano and is 250 larger then it's older neighbors, North and Middle Sister. It is also the easiest of the three and receives the most traffic. Teardrop Lake which sits inside the crater is the highest exposed lake in Oregon. It's aqua color is a added special treat for anyone who makes the 12...